How do l create a task?

To create a task on Zisky, click on "Sign In" at the top right corner of this website. Enter your email and password. If this is your first time of visiting this website, then you rather register by clicking on "Join For Free" follow the prompt and click on "submit to register"

Create a task:

Just write the service you are looking for. Make sure you include all the details of the task to avoid confusion including how much you are willing to pay. If you are a contractor and you don't have to accept the customer budget, you are free to negotiate and agree on pricing.

When you finish describing the problem you need help with, then publish your task. After that, the contractors will begin to leave offers with quotations and contacts to your task. Carefully study the offers, portfolio and reviews of the contractors before hiring.

When the task is complete, close it and provide review to help other users make the right decision in the future.

How do l communicate with others on Zisky?

You communicate through built-in private messaging system. While you can communicate through other methods like phone and WhatsApp, we strongly advise you communicate and agree to all aspect of the project through our messaging system as this is the only way we can step in and access who is right or wrong when there is dispute.

We cannot help if most of your job communicates are done outside of our messaging system.

When are contractors paid?

When a project is completed, money is moved from escrow account to contractor’s account. Contractors are paid only when they request for payment from their dashboard. Allow 2 to 4 days for payment to be transferred.

Who is a contractor?

On this platform, any service provider is called a contractor. Contractors could be a barber, carpenter, electrician, delivery man, grass cutter, ICT or professionals like accountants, lawyers, engineers, etc. 

What happens after the task is completed?

Usually the contractor is the first to indicate that the task is finished. We expect feedback from you too. If you do not indicate whether the task was completed or not, after three days the finished project will be confirm and payment awarded in favour of the contractor.

How does Zisky handle Disputes?

When there is a problem and project is under dispute, you notify Administration.

Then Admin, Client and Contractor will start a dispute conversation in order to determine the party at fault.

If the party at fault is the client, then the money will be awarded to the contractor.

If the contractor is at fault then the money will be returned to the client.

If l already agrees to contractor's price and place order but during further discussions or working process the price now change, how do l go about payment?

In this situation, simply create another task for the difference amount and invite the contractor to accept it

I noticed a violation of the terms and conditions, who should I tell?

If you notice a violation of our terms and conditions, you can report the assignment by clicking on the "Complain" button with a flag icon. We will contact the offender and take the necessary action.

What does it cost contractors to use Zisky?

A 17% commission is added to the order value charged by the contractor. For example, if you order a service for ₦1,000 for the contractor the order will cost ₦830.00 then Zisky get ₦170.00 for business operations and other expenses.

What happens If the task is not completed?

If you indicate that the work has not been completed, and the contractor confirms this, the escrow money will be return back to you.

However, if you suggest that the task has not been completed and the contractor does not close it on his side, we will wait for the contractor's response for three days, after which the money will be returned to you.

Which city does Zisky currently serve?

Zisky currently serve Benin City and the rest of Edo State. If you would want to see us come to your state or city, please kindly send us an email request. We will comes once we have enough request/interest from residence of your state.