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Client Post a Project:
Client complete registration after which you are able to login and then post a project.

Contractors and Professionals bid for the project: 
After posting your project, you will receive bids from interested contractors or professionals. 

Client hire a contractor or professional:

You can look at their profiles then choose the best contractor by reviews, portfolio or price. You can chat with the chosen contractor to interview and make sure both of you are on the same page before hiring.

Adding Funds:
Add funds to your wallet. If your Funds Account is $0.00 on your dashboard, you will not be able to hire a contractor. So add money to your account by going to the Funds section and add some money through PayStack, PayPal or Cash Transfer.

The money you paid into the fund account does not go to the contractor right away but is held in escrow account by Zisky. 

If you do have a problem with your service provider that will impact payment, you can start a dispute. Zisky will step in to resolve the issue. At this point, based on your chat communications Zisky will decide if the money in the escrow account should be return to you or awarded to the contractor. To effectively manage dispute, it is important all conversation is done within our chat system. Never do it outside. This is for your protection and it ensures the contractor is as professional as much as possible.

“We strongly recommend that you always use our chat system to discuss jobs and agreement. Without it, we cannot guarantee you compensation and protection, and you will need to resolve the issue of payment directly with the contractor.”

Get your project done:
Once your project is completed, it is time to pay the contractor for his service and you are able to review the contractor. The contractor gets paid when you confirm that the order has been completed. Zisky release the money to the contractor.


Contractors Bid For Jobs

As a contractor, you can look for projects that fit your skills and ability. When you find, send a proposal to the client. The client will respond if he or she likes your proposal. 

Projects Invitation:
Sometimes a client may choose to invite you to do a project for him/her. You will get a notification with respect to the Invite and you decide if to accept it or not.

It is important you make effort to build your portfolio in order to attract more clients. You can add the following to your profile: Portfolio, About You, Work Experience, Education and anything that make you stand out from others. 


Escrow account is where the money is held until the project is complete. As a contractor, when you are hired, the money will not be sent to the your account right away rather it is kept in escrow account and only release to you when the job is done. 

If you ever have a problem with the client, you can start a dispute. Zisky will take a look at your chat conversation and make a determination if to pay you the money or return it to the client. 

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